Sue Garman Quilt Patterns

2011 quilt pics 030With applique and piece quilting, Sue Garman quilt patterns really do offer something for everyone.

Sue Garman quilt patterns often make use of applique Applique is a sewing technique in which a design is stitched on top of another piece of fabric, usually using an applique stitch, blanket stitch, zig zag or satin stitch. Garman says that appliques her favorite technique, but she also likes intricate piece quilting.

One of the Sue Garman quilt patterns that immediately comes to mind is “The Monster Quilt.” It would be a great gift for a child who is afraid of monsters hiding under the bed because this Sue Garman quilt pattern brings those monsters to the top of the bed…as colorful designs on the quilt top. In addition to the monsters that are applique?to the top of the quilt, Garman quilted a fun verse into the quilt’s border. Continue reading

Find Your Niche in the Quilting Business; Make and Sell Quilted Accessories

Let's Tie One On Feb 2011025If you want to start a quilting business but don’t want to make actual quilts, how about selling quilted accessories?

Quilted accessories include a wide range of products: home de’cor, clothing, pet accessories… and more!

In the home de’cor category, your business could make and sell quilted potholders and matching aprons with pockets that coordinate with the potholder pattern. You could make and sell quilted oven mitts.

Table runners and mantel drapes are also popular quilted items for the home. Quilted place mats and coasters are also ideas. Continue reading

Making a Rag Quilt

rag quilt 018If you are a beginner quilter looking for near-immediate gratification or an old pro who wants to create a different look, why not try making a rag quilt?

Frayed seams are a characteristic of rag quilts. Fraying the edges give a rag quilt a soft, vintage look simply by clipping the seams and washing and drying the quilt. Rag quilt patterns can be adaptations of traditional quilt patterns or, totally new designs that will be accented by the frayed edges.

Rag quilt patterns do not need to be expensive. As a matter of fact, many rag quilt patterns are available for free on the Internet. Use your favorite search engine to find “rag quilt patterns.” Continue reading

Decide to Start a Quilting Business Today!

20121129_chevrons2_sideYou don’t have to be a veteran quilter with 50 years of sewing experience to have sound advice to share, either. If you have quilted for a month, you know more about quilting than someone picking up a needle and thread for the first time. Start a quilting business that teaches basic skills.

Your most basic quilting information could teach some important skills. A lot of wannabe quilters won’t even start a quilting project because the chore of selecting appropriate fabrics seems like such a daunting task. Perhaps you start a membership based website that offers quilting tips to beginners about how to start a quilt. You could also start your quilting business with an old-fashioned paper printed newsletter that you mail out monthly or quarterly to beginning quilters. Some of your topics could be how to select a quilt pattern, how to select fabrics, which threads to use, etc. Continue reading

Finish Your Quilt With Tying

FZO8MNVF0X27XLF.LARGESometimes tying a quilt seems like the very last resort to getting a quilt finished.

While hand quilters love the look of a skillfully hand quilted quilt, and machine quilters appreciate the beauty and complexity of fine machine quilting, tying a quilt can be equally rewarding. And those ties don’t need to be simple yarn knots with tails tied every 6 inches.

For example, take a look at some of the particularly ornate Crazy Quilts from more than 100 years ago. These gorgeous Crazy Quilts were tied, but it isn’t obvious how they were tied, since you can’t see the ties on the front; thus didn’t distract from the exquisite embroidery stitches. Continue reading